Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tackling Savage Worlds Problems: How would you do this while still keeping the system more or less in tact?

Tackling Savage Worlds Problems:

How would you do this while still keeping the system more or less in tact? 

Back to the future:
I have a science fiction game that I enjoy running. Its a hack of 3 difference systems. I started the game in Mongoose traveler, but I couldnt get a handle on combat. Don't get me wrong here. Mongoose traveler is very nice. I know Hero games system better, so I moved the characters over to that system. I finally have a good space combat system which is based on Starmada. I am going to continue my search for a good system that has some not overly detailed space combat, and interesting general rules.  I am making a stop at the Savage worlds system and trying to mull over the problems I encounter as a player and GM. Savage Worlds, Savage Traveller is still a candidate.  Here we go:
Bennies, or not every one is an Oscar winning actor/comedian:
Bennies are nice, and I think shouldn't removed from the game. Bennies are good for usually 1 group of badguys, but they aren't easily replaced unless your GM wants to award good humor, and I usually dont do that as a DM. Instead of giving them out for humor, stick with the 3 Bennies at the game beginning and then give out 1 free Bennies every scene or 2.

Now you see him. Now you don't:
Insta-killed players. Instakill occurs when a villain rolls 3 or so exploding damage dice in a row. Rare, but it happens. Sometimes it happens less rarely. In any case I don't like it either, Its too random.  Sometimes Mooks do a bit too much damage on exploding damage dice. We need something to replace  the exploding die. Here's a thought. Instead of incurring more than 1 wound per mook, I suggest just loosing round or half round action per wound.
The Orck (rock) of Gibraltar:
Heres another point.  Some monsters that you just cant damage. This is due to high armor. I have never liked that rule. I ran into this problem while DMing a scene where a mummy showed up. I realized that 12 armor could rarely be reached, even if the parry was down low. Heres my solution.  My solution is the Signature move and defense.  

Witness my spinning, fast, climbing, tumbling sword strike:
The signature offers instant RAISES.  There could be a couple of different levels of RAISES.  One way would be to possibly tied the number or power of your signature attempts to your character level. Example: a Green leveled troopie would get a signature shoot from his gun. Thats 1 instant raise. If he goes into combat with the bigbadguy for 2 rounds, he gets a double raise when he finally attempts the killing shot.  You can view that as sort of a build up.  if you havent used your bennies, then you can spend 3 on a signature raise. So whats the cost?  Providing the players Thor's hammer may make the game less interesting in the long run. Critters that are too easy to kill, especially the big bad guy is anti-climactic.   We still have to keep the excitement in the game.

Good Wildcard/Aces    Bad Wildcards/Badguys:
The players are suppose to be wildcards, I think that's what you call them. We get that extra wild die to roll. I like it. Before veteran level you can expect to fail rolls. That's fine by me. It means that in situations you have to rely on your player intelligence rather than rely on dice rolls. That's tough to do sometime on a weeknight when the players have no interest in using the brain, I am a prime example of an exhausted player on a week night.
In champions, also, the players can get knocked out fairly easy by an over eager master villain.

How do we tame the Bad Wildcard master villains with out gimping him?

This is a sophisticated task for the GM. Not all Villains fight outright, and some of them will spring lots of traps, before they fight as a last option.  If you happen to play Lego Batman 2, you can watch the the mini villains unleash waves of hoodlums and traps before the villain is force to join (and be defeated) in combat

So whats left? did we keep the game in tact? Its hard to say. Your opinions are welcome