Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gaming Ettiquette or simply JUST SHUT UP.


I like board gaming and RPG, so I go to both game and rpg cons. Like yourself I spend many hours and similarly many dollars in the hobby.  Contrary to my outgoing personality, I am pretty shy. When I go to a game convention. I am a happy- animated guy but that's just to hide my inward/pensive/cranky nature.

As a result going to a game convention usually stresses me out. I have to deal with people - the average person, which on the whole is not a bad thing.    Some are more wacky than others. Here's a good example:

There was a fellow with a t-shirt on that read "sarcasm is the bodies natural ability to defend itself from stupidity". This left me wondering if he was trying to cover up his own stupidity, or perhaps, his lack of ability to deal with others.

Then there are those who can easily out 'cranky' me. I can visualize at least four people that can out crank me. Aside from that caustic set, there is another group that I will call the 'compulsive correcter' These are the type who will offer every opportunity to correct the slightest pronunciation, misuse of word, and game rule. to these kind and well meaning, Id like to offer a sedative.

Whether you are a con goer, club gamer, or social gamer, Id like to offer these simple facts of etiquette.
  1. Please try to restrain your need to compulsively correct. If you really must, I can send you an old pair of underwear to inspect. 
  2. Be polite. Gawd I can go off on this one. Sarcasm isn't every ones cup of tea, and if you need to call some one a dimwit then please find another hobby like chicken breeding. You will find more comfort among your flock
  3. Socialize. 
  4. Socialize and Pay attention to the game. Take your turn in a timely fashion. 
  5.  Please don't whine. My Bichon whines constantly. he is old and at the end of his whining life. Whats your excuse?
  6. Be pleasant. 
  7. Please reserve your cattiness. 
  8. Try to act in a gentlemanly fashion, when speaking to other players and noobs. 

This weekend at a local game con, a player invited me to his table for a game of Village. I told him Id be back to the table after five minutes, because I had to check out of my room. He said go ahead. I was really excited about playing in the game. I left and came back in five minutes and there was some one sitting in my seat. The guy who was going to teach looked at me and said "sorry I gave your seat away". I blinked and grumbled. I urinated in his soda(well I didn't really but I wanted to) This behavior pretty much kills all the rules listed.

I don't know if Ill go back to that local game con again, because I'm really out of sorts now, but there is always hope.

Ending on a bright note: I got over the game table thing. Whats most important is I had fun. I learned the new Civ boardgame. I was happy I attended