Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Needs of the Many Vs Needs of the few

This was written Some Time In March/Feb

Over the last 8 days, I was very fortunate to have had a very heavy play week. 


Mon: Pathfinder Chapter Final to Rodney's dnd game. He's a fine game referee with a very flavorful game world and story line. I enjoy it very much. 

Tues: Descent:: Journeys in the Dark (second edition) Nature's Ire (cooperative play module)
Thursday lunch: Splendor at lunch

Friday night: Splendor (twice),  
Saturday afternoon: Ravenloft DND boardgame. and reading through the myth 2.0  board game rules.
Today Lunch: Star realms, 

and tonight: DND 4th edition. 

Gaming helps take my mind off things, and at the same time allows me to enjoy the company of good people. So here's the deal with the blog title. First off as you probably know Mr Spock passed away recently at the venerable 83. These fine actors and writers people helped me through my wonder years. I was 12 in 1970.

Of cousre, Mr Spock kept Captain Kirk grounded. If you follow the movies Mr Spock gave us that immortal line, injecting it permanently into the mob consciousness. The needs of the many outweigh the  needs of the  few. 

How does this work affect Roleplaying? Who's more important? 
The Game Ref (director, or game master)? or the players (the people who make the story). Without a Ref you are team without a net or a ball. So, he's certainly important. But without players the Ref might as well be playing a Sid Meyer's Civilization on the computer. Both are equally important. Its really important that both groups listen to each other

Here's my rub. Why are you gaming? Is it the GAME? or is it your gaming buddies. lets say theres a guy who really wants to run DR Who rpg, and has a complete twist to introduce, and "oh boy oh boy, are the players going to really love this." I think just like in real life you need to listen to the players and not make sure its what they want to play.

Just a thought.