Monday, March 16, 2015

Whats all this pike and anvill business about, eh?

Whats all this Pike and Anvil business about, eh?

Well somewhere in '98 I moved to Maryland from the NY/NJ to start a new job. I ended up in Pikesville, MD, which was the home of a large gamestore which may have been associated with the Avalon Hill game company.

I found a Maryland livable, and a nice change from the crazy of NJ.  It took little effort to find other games, and started dnd'ing, and playing Champions and other Hero games.  Within a couple of years I built up a full fledged gaming group to play with.

I always like the idea of selling things. Ebay was beginning to boom at that time. I needed a good name to sell things with, so I chose Pike and Anvil. the Pike was inspired by Pikesville. I never really did get to do any game selling. Well, not until recently.

After a year or two I moved closer to the beltway for work. I had to build up a game group again. Over the last 12 years its been up and down, but the bottom line is we always come back to DND.

Right now my group rotates DM's   Sean runs a  DND 4th edition game. Rod runs a pathfinder game and I run a Hero hybrid 5/6th edition game.  The other group that meets at my house plays regular and euro boardgames.

Thats it for now.  This was my first blog. Hope you enjoyed