Friday, April 17, 2015

Endless combat. How not to run a game.

4:10 arrived. I decided against my better judgement join a 6 hour champions roleplay game.  I'm on the fence about it. Its still the first hour.  The group seems really nice. I feel lucky to have been invited. I ran into a really nice lady who is a ren fair artist. I l

4:36 took my turn.  There are 6 player with 18 figures on the board.   Don't do this. I was watching the timer and I estimated 1 action per half hour. therebare 3 groups of 4 villain each.

Why?   why do GM's... listen up.    We have lives.   Do u really want to play in a game and do only 6 things in 3 hours?   Really?

We just hit  the one hour mark and i got to take my second action.   So how do we fix this?   

1) Too many able villains.   Why 12?  Every time you have an able villain add X minutes to turn sequence... 12  villains     12 minutes. 

2)  villains too tough. Takes too many hits per villain. Fix?  Make some mooks.  1 hit critters shortens combat. It also gived players a sense of accomplishment.  

3) Too many players. A six player game is a matter of taste. In this case it wasn't. Required.   Should have been 4 or 5 players.

4) Villains too tough tough. In super game you shoul have a hierchy of top, medium poor. All seemef medium / top.  Solution:  make mooks. Save the war for later.

5:40. Took 3 in 1 hour and 30 minutes of wall time.   Time to go home.