Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do you refer Skill heavy Systems? Or Stat heavy System.

The question is one rpg with out skills better than an RPG with skills.

Good question.  It depends on the system.

Gurps uses skills to perform attacks, so the system is skill based actions.   if you dont have the weapon skill, then the you can attack at a detriment... dex -x? dex -4? for success.   So this system becomes really FAT because all rolls are based on DEX or INT. Then the onlything that matters is your dex, if you are doing mostly combat, or INT and ded if you are throwing spells.

Dnd 3rd edition, 3.x, and pathfinder  have table/stat based combat. Therefore attacks are done independently of skills, though skills can enhance attacks.  in DND 3rd and up you have secondary actions outside of combat that are templated by skills.  4th edition the only simple thing about this system is listen at doors is a simple perception roll which is dex bonus plus skill points.

Basic and Expert (B/X) is a system that functions very nicely without skills. The exception is of course the B/X thieving abilities rolls which are skills but not quite skills.

Old runequest is created around a base skill success percent for the individual skill, plus a stat bonus.

Savage worlds has skilled based on stat dice, and is improved with skill points which kick up the stat die.

Open adventure has a nice system of skills which is the stat which supports associated abilities with extra skill points.

The question is one rpg with out skills better than an RPG with skills. It depends on and how much the system stands up on its own with out DM meddling.  All DM's meddle.

Whats the point?  A matter of taste. I give up. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Challenge: Design a Chieftain for an upcoming dnd solo/coop game

Hey Here is your chance to be Immortalized.

What is this about? I'm working on a Solo Game to run your D&D characters through, and I need some Chieftain samples. An example of chieftains are the ones usually in the monster block descriptions. 

For example:
If you look at Kobold entries in some D&D versions or version clones,  the Chieftain will appear as

"has 9 hit points and fights as a 2 hit dice monster."

These chieftains will serves similar to how DESCENT second edition works with Lieutenants.

Which Critters to submit?   In S&W terms figure CLA, CLB, or CL1, or even CL2.

 For my first round of chieftains, I require first or second level chieftains. When you submit you should include the stat block, but you should also include some sort of low level power.

It doesnt matter what race... Anything will do, something sentient is the only request.

Heres an example:

Kobold Chieftain        HD:12 points          
Mv:20(60)               Align:Chaos
Attack:xxx              Damage:Weapon (1d6) 
Morale:xxx              Save as:xxx 
Special: Command ability all kobolds within 3 spaces get +1 to hit. 
Sub-classed as cleric, heals 1 subordinate per round.

Immortal? Anyone who's submission gets adopted will have his name appear at the bottom of the card. Neat? See, even the lowliest of us can become immortal.

Anything you submit will be appreciate. Ah yes, submit as? Submit as comment. Thanks -Joel

The vid explaining the game:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

D&D Gaming Solo - How To

Alone today? Got the itch? This is a DND Basic Moldvay run, SOLO run, 4 characters, using components I've cobbled together You can use any version of D&D for combat. The intention is to have some fun soloing, & level up characters.

Smackwell's Dungeon Crawl. A vast memorable endeavour

Dungeon Crawl is a very heroic and fun and print and play rpg boardgame.
 This is Part 2 which is a good place to start, because it goes through game mechanics. 

Part 1, has character creation
parth 3:

part 3 has info on sections of the book.
part 3: 

Friday, May 15, 2015

BEHOLD! The Children of they Hydras Teeth

As a Child of the 70's era I recall watching the chilling moments of  horror, monsters, and adventures. 

These are what formed my imagination, and my store house of fantasy. A fond thanks to NYC's culturally rich 'B' channels, 5, 9, and 11. 

Two memories come to mind from saturday afternoon TV and Chiller theatre...

Jason and the Argonauts, and Flying Guillotine (shaw brothers).

Since there are new gamers that may have never heard or seen the Argonauts movie, I wanted to share this because you can fill in those "19, I hit and do 4 points of damage" with something much more heroic. The things in these movies  you simply cannot do with the over bloated rules of 4th edition and pathfinder, and many of the more modern fantasy rule sets.

Here's a link to the battle scene.You can watch the full movie on Youtube

You Tube Link to the famous Skeleton Battle, Children of the Hydra's teeth.

I hope you are inspired as a DM to run interesting battles, and not stick completely to the rules. Allow your players to do heroic things. "You cant do that its not in the rules, or just let the dice handle all your actions" is no longer a response I can respect from a DM.

As a player I hope you are inspired to act heroically. Do exciting things. Push the envelope. Chase them down and dont fear your death... unless you are the thief from the conan movies :)

B/X  or Swords and Wizardry or old school game Skeletons

CREATURE: Skeleton
HD: 1
AC 8, 7 with shield
Attacks:  1 weapon or strike (1d6) or (1d6+1 two-handed)
Save: 17
Align: Neutral

Further inspiration: 

These lyrics are an except from a song called Hydra's Teeth by 3 inches of blood.
Up the mountain to a yawning cave
A fell beast guards the Golden Fleece
The Argo leader steps up to win the day
Harmed not by the weaponry of man
Brutal offspring of tormented minds
Armed with steel and lust for death
Relentless demons, the children of the hydra's teeth
Warriors of bone scream a ghastly cry
Commanded to kill them all
The ones who escape make off with the fleece
Sail back to the Agean Sea
Squads of death prowl the land
Killing in silence, killing by hand
Cloaked in darkness, masters of stealth
They lust for your blood
Not for your wealth

Enjoy your gaming. Id love to hear from you