Thursday, April 16, 2015

Descent 2 scenario For Heroes and Other WORLDS! wow!

A walk in the park for use with Heroes and Other WORLDS!

This is something I whipped up for my  fascination with Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) boardgame, and Smackwell's Dungeon Crawl and Now again, I've adapted to Heroes and Other Worlds.   Oh, Yes,  TFT. The fantasy trip. Yep. That's it.

The name of the scenario is FIRST BLOOD the purpose is to introduce people to Descent's game mechanics and combat systems. 

In order that I not completely obliterate copywrite laws, this is consider a spoof of first blood.

There is a big party in central park in downtown Torranville for the Mayors new born son.  The Green’s gang are also having a some fun.   The Greens gang is a group of ‘GREENS’ that are trying to STEAL 4 of the presents and escape down into the filthy sewers (where they belong). The Ettin named SMACKYOU is running interference for the other greens in order to help them on their quest for mayhem.  There is also a squad leader orc among the named BROWNSWARTH. Brownsworth would be the Master Goblin Archer in descent.

Win Condition:  Smack this DIES before the goblins exit.    
Loss Conditions:  4 goblins must exit the bad guy space.    

Special Descent Mechanics in HaOW:
  • EDIT:  Group Limits: This is a crucial part of the scenario. 
    The number of players gives group limits to the number of orcs/goblins.  They call it GROUP limits in Descent 2.
    In Descent 2, the orc is considered a RED or master critter. This prevents the gobs and orcs from winning to quickly.
    • 2 players:  two goblins, one orc. 
    • 3 players:  three goblins, one orc.  
    • 4 players:  four goblins, one orc.
  • Beginning of players turn:  Dying is not Dying.    If this were a simple roleplay scenario the players would get kaboodled in just a few rounds. So when you hit ZERO hit points, you simply get knocked out.  This is a rpg adaptation of DESCENT 2. On the knocked out players turn he stands up and rolls 2d6-2 and sets his hit points to that level.  Much like 4th level dnd, you dont apply your heal from negative hitpoints,  you apply them from zero. So you can be at Neg 15 but you still apply the points from zero.  
  • End of DM's turn:  replacing a lost goblin/orc.  If at any time the DM looses a minion, the DM is allowed to replace 1 of them at the end of his turn.

    Critters and abilities:
    • SMACKYOU is a very large 2 headed ETTIN (ST18, IQ7, MV6, AR-1, DM 2d6-2)  with extremely long ‘Mr. long arms’. His special ability is Reach 2. Reach in case you dont know means that he can reach across a five foot area and tap some one a full space away. IF he hits someone he knocks them back 3 spaces.
    • Brownswarth: Is a Standard  ORC on page 74 of the HaOW rules. I know Orcs and Goblins dont get along well in real life but this is fantasy isnt it?
    • The Forest Goblins are standard Goblins but they can also use slings.  Slings utilize standard line of site rules.  Please use GOBLINS found on page 69 of the HaOW  rules.

    • Slogging muck costs 2 movement points for each square. In HaOW each slogging muck space is considered 10 feet, not 5.  
    • HHHH is where the Heroes start.    
    • GGGGO is where the bad guys start. This adventure also includes a clever never before seen monster spawn point concept. When goblin or orc dies in combat, he comes back on the next turn back at the badguys start area. In case you dont know G is for goblin, O is for orc. But you knew that :)
    • Bad guys exit spot? Have you figured out why that is there?  
    • Fire pit:  If you are pushed or throw or fall into this, you receive 1 dice of damage. These dice are are reduced by armor. This is not usually the case with HoAW, but in this scenario it is. Just stand up and put yourself out.

    There are 3 chests.
    One chest has a roll on the equipment chart.
    One chest has a roll on the a potion table from the standard treasure cards.
    The last chest has a standard treasure roll. If you roll a 6, then roll again, its either a very low artifact, or a trap.   These chest require no search rolls.   (following true to Dungeon Crawl, One chest at random is trapped. For every 4 goblins players kill they receive a treasure card.)

    Thanks to Heroes and Other Worlds,  Smackwell for Dungeon Crawl, and to FFG for Descent one and two, and hours of glorious fun.