Thursday, April 16, 2015

Traveller type RPG using Starmada ships, and Hero Games RPG

Traveller type RPG using Starmada ships, and Hero Games RPG

>>Are your RPG players interested in a detailed ship-to-ship fight? How often will they want to man their battle stations and roll a few dice?

I was using Mongoose Traveller, and I wasnt crazy about the simple combat system in the book.Then I got mayday from rpgnow (where i bought most of my more recent mj12 games from), and thought about getting Azanti high lightening. I'm not crazy about Hero Game System combat for space ships.

My sandbox universe is wrought with flavor. ship to ship combat adds to the flavor of the game I am looking for. Essentially the group is in a mini-verse of 20 human systems. The alliance dominates with 80% of the worlds. All words occupants have a common origin earth. Combat is used to solve the pirate problem. There are no acknowledged aliens yet. Sometimes alliance systems to go the mattresses over $$$ issues, or political issues. over the last 300 years there have even been some colonial issues. But now all is quiet. The players are doing some mystery solving and exploring both of which require combat.

The Traveller ships I have are abstracted for fighting smaller ships and slightly larger ships. I think the players should feel like their ship is bigger than it is, to promote the "heroic feel".  That's what my style of rpg-ing is about.

A friend of mine out on Long Island uses Starfire to run his military rpg game. Its been years since ive played that and I dont think I want to invest in that or, a similar game SLAG, though slag looks interesting. I gave SS (3d miniatures combat game), I cant remember the full name of the game, but that company now has a license to do Traveller ships. Since I cant get a copy of the rules, I don't want to waste money on something Ill never use. I have too many rule systems laying around at home.

how often will the players roll the bones in space? Well they spent 3 games in a row, due to mis-jump and fought rogue miners a couple of times. They fought some kind of weird space pirates. They thought about taking on an alliance cruiser. They surrendered before displaying weapons (b5 reference).

Its not quite cowboys in space. I picture something like Elite (90's type computer game), something like Cthulu, a bit of spying and intrigue. Lots of trading and missions because its built on traveller making money building up for retirement. Since its built on Traveller without the weird races (cat people, dog people), the players have found, or been awarded a jump2 engine. The rest of the verse is still tinkering along at jump 1.

I'm sort of a game hacker. A bit of this. A bit of that. I hope that answers your question.