Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do you refer Skill heavy Systems? Or Stat heavy System.

The question is one rpg with out skills better than an RPG with skills.

Good question.  It depends on the system.

Gurps uses skills to perform attacks, so the system is skill based actions.   if you dont have the weapon skill, then the you can attack at a detriment... dex -x? dex -4? for success.   So this system becomes really FAT because all rolls are based on DEX or INT. Then the onlything that matters is your dex, if you are doing mostly combat, or INT and ded if you are throwing spells.

Dnd 3rd edition, 3.x, and pathfinder  have table/stat based combat. Therefore attacks are done independently of skills, though skills can enhance attacks.  in DND 3rd and up you have secondary actions outside of combat that are templated by skills.  4th edition the only simple thing about this system is listen at doors is a simple perception roll which is dex bonus plus skill points.

Basic and Expert (B/X) is a system that functions very nicely without skills. The exception is of course the B/X thieving abilities rolls which are skills but not quite skills.

Old runequest is created around a base skill success percent for the individual skill, plus a stat bonus.

Savage worlds has skilled based on stat dice, and is improved with skill points which kick up the stat die.

Open adventure has a nice system of skills which is the stat which supports associated abilities with extra skill points.

The question is one rpg with out skills better than an RPG with skills. It depends on and how much the system stands up on its own with out DM meddling.  All DM's meddle.

Whats the point?  A matter of taste. I give up. :)

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