Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Challenge: Design a Chieftain for an upcoming dnd solo/coop game

Hey Here is your chance to be Immortalized.

What is this about? I'm working on a Solo Game to run your D&D characters through, and I need some Chieftain samples. An example of chieftains are the ones usually in the monster block descriptions. 

For example:
If you look at Kobold entries in some D&D versions or version clones,  the Chieftain will appear as

"has 9 hit points and fights as a 2 hit dice monster."

These chieftains will serves similar to how DESCENT second edition works with Lieutenants.

Which Critters to submit?   In S&W terms figure CLA, CLB, or CL1, or even CL2.

 For my first round of chieftains, I require first or second level chieftains. When you submit you should include the stat block, but you should also include some sort of low level power.

It doesnt matter what race... Anything will do, something sentient is the only request.

Heres an example:

Kobold Chieftain        HD:12 points          
Mv:20(60)               Align:Chaos
Attack:xxx              Damage:Weapon (1d6) 
Morale:xxx              Save as:xxx 
Special: Command ability all kobolds within 3 spaces get +1 to hit. 
Sub-classed as cleric, heals 1 subordinate per round.

Immortal? Anyone who's submission gets adopted will have his name appear at the bottom of the card. Neat? See, even the lowliest of us can become immortal.

Anything you submit will be appreciate. Ah yes, submit as? Submit as comment. Thanks -Joel

The vid explaining the game: